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Warranty Plan
21.Oct.2014                                                                                                                                           kosaplus.com


Regulation on quality assurance of KOSA + actuator

Please make sure to read the following regulation on quality assurance of KOSA + actuator.



All KOSA+ products assume the worst site situation from the development phase of the products and product is shipped after individual test.

In along with this, KOSAPLUS Co., LTD offers one year warranty on product quality from the shipping date for all KOSA+ products and this will surely protect the user from any kind of defect with the product.


- General Information

This warranty certificate is the certificate to guaranty any problem caused by product defect in case any user with full knowledge of user manual used the product in the appropriate environment.


- Scope of the warranty

Warranty period is for one year from the product shipment date from our company and it assumes that product is maintained in operable state.

Consumable Materials are not included in the warranty (Consumable material such as o-ring, guide ring, bushing are sold with charge), and in case there is any need to replace any of this material, it can be done either by sending that material to our company for inspection and replace that material after that or the expert related with user purchases the material and directly replace it.


Furthermore, coverage of the warranty is limited to the product itself, and we are not liable for the direct or indirect expense, loss, harm or damage caused by the product or user.


Coverage is limited to the repair of the product and one to one replacement of the relevant product with new product or the product which can replace the product with problem.

Following cases are not included in the warranty.


1. Accidental damage resulted from misuse, abuse, neglect, alteration, dismantling of the product by the user.

2. Damage resulted from installation, operation, maintenance, repair of the product by non-skilled user.

3. Accident happened during delivery.

4. The sample which is provided for free.

5. Malfunction or damage caused by natural disaster.

6. Wrong product selection or mistake made with order placement resulted from user’s non-confirmation of operation environment.

7. In case the label containing product information such as serial number, etc. is removed or damaged and there is difficulty to verify the date of shipment.


-Procedure to be taken for warranty service

In case any defect in the product is found, prepare the details of the problems together with other material such as photos, etc. and send them to the place you bought the product or to our head office via fax or email. The person in charge in our company will contact you immediately and we may ask you some questions regarding the purchase or use of the product.

If not agreed separately, the cost incurred for shipping and returning of the defective product shall be borne by the user and any shipment of defective product without the involvement of our person in charge can be rejected to be received by us.





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