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[NEWSWIRE] KOSAPLUS is developing "compact and strong" electric actuator
Nov 08, 2012 16:54 Asia/Seoul Time Zone

KOSAPLUS Co., Ltd. is developing “compact and strong” electric actuator
- High torque at low price
SIHEUNG--(Korea Newswire) November 8, 2012 -- KOSAPLUS Co., Ltd. (CEO Changhwan Rho, www.kosaplus.com), a company specialized in manufacturing pneumatic actuator, said that it has been developing an electric actuator to open and close valve automatically by electricity. 

An actuator is a valve accessory to open and close the valve that controls the flow of fluid. The pneumatic actuator, which is the company’s existing product, was utilized only in the places in which the related facilities such as compressor, airline, etc. were set. 

On the other hand, the electric actuator that is currently being developed can be utilized as long as there is electricity; thereby, being used in various places such as small factories, small apartments. And KOSAPLUS Co., Ltd. expects that the growth rate of this product’s market will be significantly larger than the pneumatic actuator. 

“The basic structure of the electric actuator is divided into the motor unit, the (deceleration) gear unit and the electricity unit, and it can be supplied at lower price as compared to the competitors and its opening and closing speed is faster by 10 percent since the company reduced significantly the manufacturing unit price with the company’s technological competencies, which were obtained due to the existing pneumatic actuator, and the compact design,” the official of KOSAPLUS Co., Ltd. said. 

In addition, while the existing electric actuators had the problem of the inconvenient maintenance and repair due to the structure that was so complex for users to use, the newly developed product addressed this problem through simplifying the electrical wiring as easy and making the position of the terminal block easily accessibly by users. 

It has also another advantage of being shipped rapidly since it is the product to modify the gear ratio of the same model to customize the torque (output power) and opening/closing speed for needs on site. 

“We have a goal of completing the development of the four models until May next year; however, we plan to release the products earlier since there are many users waiting for the products only with the concrete concept,” CEO Changhwan Rho said. 

And, although KOSAPLUS Co., Ltd. was originally established as the brand for export of SAMILAUTO Co., Ltd., it will modify the company name to KOSAPLUS Co., Ltd. from SAMILAUTO Co., Ltd. as of January next year since it aims to consolidate its market position as an actuator company and embark on becoming a company specialized in valve accessories. (Inquiries : oversea@kosaplus.com +82-10-7929-0804)





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