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Sticker of electric actuator is changed. (전동 라벨변경)

Our sticker for electric actuator is changed as under.


*Changed contents and reason

1) CI change of our company

2) insert a company address and homepage according to CE standard

3) model and serial number of product identification/ delete with leaving the information only you need during installation/ simplification by way of article combination ( upgrade of identifiability and security of space for added text),

4) be refined than before

5) size is as same before


*period of change: effective from Feb. of manufacturing date (to be different according to customers)

*possibly resend with blank new label or included contents at the time of request



Best regards




당사 전동엑추에이타 스티커가 아래와 같이 변경 됩니다.    


1. 당사CI변경    

2. CE 규격에 맞추어 업체 주소 및 홈페이지 삽입    

3. 제품구분을 위한 모델 및 시리얼번호와 설치시 필요한 정보만 남기고 삭제, 항목을 통합하여 단순화 (식별성 향상, 추가 텍스트를 위한 공간확보)    

4. 이전보다 세련되어짐   

5. 사이즈는 이전과 동일    


*변경시기 : 2월 제조분부터 (업체별로 상이)    

*요청시 무지 신규라벨 또는 내용 삽입하여 재발송 가능합니다    

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