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Information about applying for Newsletter!

Please ask the person in charge to send you newsletter for overseas buyers!


Our company posts notices about new products and others on our homepage.

However, people may not check our homepage every time, so we are going to send newsletters to the companies if they apply for them.



Please refer to followings for details:


1. Contents of newsletters: New product launching, Long holidays, Certificate, Major design change, New catalogs

2. The newsletter service starts as of: April 1, 2015

3. Language: English (Chinese is being considered)

4. Issue cycle: Whenever a relevant event occurs, with average 1~2 times per month

5. How to apply for the newsletter: Please send our staff in charge of sales the information such as company name/address/e-mail address/contact number.


*One company may ask the newsletter to be sent to more than one person, such as CEO/Sales staff/QC staff and so on.

*We only want to deliver information through the newsletters, so you don’t need to worry about any advertising e-mails. 


*A newsletter about following information is ready for forwarding.

-PNEUMATIC ACTUATOR (A300 development), ELECTRIC ACTUATOR (KE006 development and various additional options)



※ We will not send e-mails anymore to the companies which do not apply for newsletters due to the problems such as non-delivery to the relevant person, sorting as spam, etc.   

We shall not be held responsible for any non-delivery problem due to the above causes. So please make sure to ask for our newsletters if you have any business with us.