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[SBS] 런닝맨 380회 (Running Man) (당사 제품 소품출연)

Dec. 10, 2017 our products came out at 380th SBS 'Running Man' (Korean entertainment show). 

It is 4th appearance after all 'Infinite challenge', 'Running man' and 'Miseong', not through the way of sponsorship, but through unknown route which indicate products are widely used as such. 


I sincerely appreciate your cooperation and assistance. 

We will continue to provide you with good products, reasonable prices and fast delivery times. 


※ 200th Infinite challenge (Entertainment show) => https://goo.gl/6nUZjS

※ 141th Running Man (Entertainment show) => https://goo.gl/XJKko4

※ 10th Miseong (Drama) => https://goo.gl/VDpJSX





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